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swissQprint Nyala

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swissQprint Nyala

swissQprint Nyala

Meet Nyala. A high-performance machine that meets even the strictest demands for printing on rigid and flexible materials. With an impressive size of 3.2 x 1.6 meters, Nyala handles most popular formats with ease. The roll-to-roll option enables printing on flexible materials up to 3.2 metres in width. All in all, Nyala is a prime example of efficiency and productivity. UV inkjet printing from swissQprint is a viable alternative to conventional printing methods in view of the speed, quality and reliability. Boasting Swiss precision with a maximum print speed of 200m2 / hour, Nyala sets the benchmark.

Versatile and robust, Nyala is a flatbed printing system that is expandable as required. For example, the standard CMYK may be supplemented by as many as five additional channels – including indus­trial protective lacquers, or primer for printing onto media like anodised aluminium and glass that have traditionally resisted UV inkjet printing. The UV-hard­ening ink set adheres to a highly diverse range of materials and does not crack even during trimming. A steplessly adjustable vacuum system retains standard panels just as securely as heat-sensitive substrates and fabrics. The printing table, anodised for easy maintenance, can carry media as heavy as 400 kg. In contrast to this heavy duty construction, printing is with absolute micrometre precision. Solid colours without banding are a particular speciality of Impala.

Nyala Options can be added at anytime:
  • Add Extra Colour Channels - Nyala Supports Up to 9 Colour Channels with either 1 or 2 Heads Per Channel
  • Channel Options Available: Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, White, Varnish, Primer, Orange, Green, Violet, Pantone Spot Colours
  • 3.2 Metre Wide Roll to Roll
  • Endless Flatbed with Auto Indexing - Print Sheets up to 2500mm x 4000mm (or even longer!) without a Conveyer Belt

Breathtaking print speed
Whether there is rigid or flexible media under the jets, Impala can operate in draft mode that prints at an impressive 200 m2/hr and yet produces highly presentable results. Performance in production mode is a blazing 90 m2/hr.

Remarkable substrate dimensions
Impala prints panels up to 3.2 m × 1.6 m (longer with Board Option) and 50 mm thick – and this with sur­pris­ingly modest space requirements.

Four to nine colour channels
The standard CMYK is expandable by a further five channels: light colours for natural reproduction of skin tones, white, varnish, primer or Pantone spot colours. All of them ad­here optimally to many different materials: acrylic, (rigid foam) PVC, polyester, Poly-carbonate, polystyrene, Dibond, flexible foam panels, wood, mesh, banners, vinyl films, glass etc.

Media diversity
UV-hardening inks adhere to acrylic, dibond, wood, blueprints, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, high-density PVC, vinyl films, flexible foam panels and – with primer – even to glass, anodised aluminium and similar special materials.

Targeted suction power
The vacuum system is infinitely adjust­able so masking of the print table is largely unnecessary. A higher-powered vacuum option is also available for industrial applications.

Homogenous white
White ink has a well-known tendency for sedimentation. Impala keeps it agitated. Reliable print results are thus assured, regardless of how often white is actually used.

Multi-purpose registration pins
The simple, quickly set registration pins are a unique feature. Next to defining the zero-origin, they also provide additional mechanical attachment points: format-independent, with as many as required to make efficient use of the printing table area.

Made in Switzerland
Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, Impala is all about precision, long service life and robust quality right down to the details.

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Specifications provided are collated from manufacturers marketing materials and were correct at time of publishing. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Rated Outdoor Life is as provided by the manufacturer and in no way constitutes an outdoor life guarantee or warranty. Furthermore, the rated life only pertains to the product itself, and does not relate in any way to the performance of inks printed onto the product nor the over laminate chosen. All products must be thoroughly tested by the purchaser to ascertain suitability for the application required.

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